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Anthony Walker has written a manifesto against the war on drugs. In it he has outlined his personal motives and states his intention to turn the drug war upside-down. By rejecting the governments apparent consensus that punishment is an effective tool in carrying out the drug war, he promotes his new ideas based on healing our communities and caring for others – a nursing ideal. Walker, a Registered Nurse, offers prescriptive notions for carrying out changes the author believes should be made. He claims that our world would be far better off if we could find the courage to control and legalize all drugs. He is calling for all nurses to help end the federal prohibition of cannabis.

Walker has openly admitted to using marijuana and is encouraging people to call it by its scientific name, cannabis.┬áThe book – Nurse Calls for End of Drug War is available for free download below and is unpublished. It is a collection of nursing principles, life lessons and arguments that the author has heard over the course of his life.

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