I am not “Pro-Intoxication”

I have made plans to travel to Denver Colorado on 4/20/2016. Did you know that date is a sort of cannabis holiday also known as just 420? I will learn as much as I can about Medical Cannabis and CBD oil like Charlotte’s Web which is currently being safely and effectively used to treat and halt seizures in children with epilepsy like Dravet Syndrome. In my book I share a story about a mother I met in Annapolis who had just lost her child to this condition while seeking medicine for her child in Maryland. There is hope for all patients however, the tide is turning. It looks like Pennsylvania has just become the next state to allow patients to get medicine made from cannabis despite the fact that the federal government still claims it is a schedule 1 drug – no medical benefits in it. (read my book). While in Denver I will learn about the other medicines found in cannabis too.

I also wish to learn what it might be like to consume cannabis in a state where it is legal and for the first time in my life will not be considered a criminal for doing so. I wonder if I might enjoy the experience and what I might learn. As a nurse, I could never promote intoxication as a healthy choice or lifestyle. As a person, I want my life to be on a path of health and I want to teach people how to have a good time without using any intoxicating drugs at all. I also understand that people will sometimes want to “drink a beer or two”. If people do use drugs, I hope they do so responsibly and in moderation as I have always tried to do. I look forward to sharing more stories here. Do you think people can use cannabis in a responsible way?

Helping People vs Punishment

I already know what I believe, what do you believe?


Do you think putting someone in jail for using drugs will actually help the individual? Will it help society? If you really want to help the individual, do you think putting them in jail will help them? Will they be better off for it and become healthier? Do you think prisons do that? First of all our prisons are filled with drugs and secondly they are not healthy places to be. We nurses know how to promote health in individuals and communities. Health comes from having your basic needs met and making good choices to live a balanced life. Prison actually blocks healthy decision making because most decisions are made for the prisoner. I think the goal of our society should be to have people make good decisions for themselves.

Our current system dictates that police officers and our courts must lock these people away from society.  In doing this they are disrupting the foundation of their families and our communities. Each person locked away costs our society money and resources for a non-violent crime. I think we need to decriminalize people and drugs.

Nurses understand that a functioning society is built upon a foundation of healthy individuals. We must weigh in on the discussion of how best to promote health. If we truly believe that education will help people make better health decisions then we should focus on teaching rather than punishing. Since Nurses are teachers we are in a position to lead. We can lead our country away from the notion of punishment and replace it with an ideal of helping people instead. It is what I am trying to do.