My third (and final) letter to the White House.

Dear President Obama,

I am an ordinary citizen hoping to make the world a better place but I really need your help. I have served as a Registered Nurse at Johns Hopkins Hospital for 26 years and I learned a lot about health and sickness there in Baltimore. I wrote a free book about the War on Drugs and how it has made my hometown worse off. As a nurse, I understand that cannabis has many beneficial medical properties. Would you please meet with me for a few moments so that I might personally express to you the urgent need to consider a different point of view, the view of a nurse? I am working to teach the public that America will become a stronger and better nation when we legalize cannabis for adults. It is a non-toxic medicinal plant which is far safer than alcohol by every measure. When “we the people” control it, we can keep the profits out of the hands of the drug cartels and keep it away from our youth. The economic benefits will allow us to better support our schools, our police, protect our environment and offer free treatment to those who need it.

Thank you for considering giving me even a few moments of your time,



Anthony M. Walker R.N.

3106 59th St. Ct. West

Bradenton, Florida, 34209

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