Hero / Activist – I quit drinking!

People are beginning to realize that the alcohol/liquor industries are spending millions of dollars to continue the Prohibition of a safer choice. They buy lobbying power to control and influence our politicians to vote down sensible reform of cannabis laws. They donate money to wrongheaded organizations like “SMART Approaches” or “Partnership for a Drug Free America”, but they do not want a drug free America at all. They only want us to be able to buy their brand of more harmful and dangerous drugs.

On 06/21/2016 I made the decision to quit drinking beer, wine or any alcoholic beverage out of protest. My boycott is a modest effort to bring about change, but I wonder what might happen if one million people who consume cannabis, or in my case, who are sympathetic to the cause actually stopped drinking. I am in effect saying to the beer and wine companies that if you treat me like an enemy, I can use my power to hurt you.

Would you consider taking a powerful action and do this too? I have immersed myself in a fight for what I believe in, for what is right. Please join me. When we legalize cannabis in the same way that alcohol is legal, I will gladly join you in raising a glass. Until then, no more money for you American Brands, Anheuser-Busch, etc. Our health might be better for this action too.

2 thoughts on “Hero / Activist – I quit drinking!

  1. My brother died from alcohol abuse over many decades. His death, unlike his life, was peaceful. The lobbying eeforts by big booze is evil in action and all for greed. I no longer drink alcohol, and I commend this effort.

  2. I wrote this blog entry almost three months ago and I want to report that my partner and I abstained from drinking alcohol for five weeks straight. When we celebrated by having a beer at a Brewery I found that I did not like the effect it had on me. To this day my relationship with alcohol is not the same. I will admit to having an occasional beer, but I do not seem to enjoy it like I used to. It is kind of a downer for me. It is a depressant, right?
    Alcohol is not my drug of choice, but I live in Florida, I’m definitely not about to use cannabis in this state. Prohibition of cannabis has the power to ruin my life far worse than using any drug could do…

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