Second letter to President Obama

It is with life and death urgency that I am writing this second letter to request a meeting with the President of the United States Barak Obama. Our citizens, not drugs have been the focus of attack in the waging of the War on Drugs. They are being killed and their families are being destroyed by policies that punish by design. I implore you to imagine yourself and your family, Michelle and daughters, under attack by a government who refuses to see you as a human being. I am a Registered Nurse. Would you please give me even a moment of your time so that I might share with you my ideas of how we might address this Public Health issue in a peaceful manner. Together I believe we can begin healing our people and build a stronger Nation based on principles of compassion and dignity.


Anthony Walker R.N.

2900 N 26th Ave. Hollywood, Florida 33020

(410) 812-1879

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