25 states legalize Medical Cannabis?

How can this be? Our Federal government insists that there are no known medical uses of this plant. Floridians will have the opportunity to vote Yes on Question 2 this November and allow cannabis to be used as a medicine. If it is approved, it will become another shining example of the how the will of the people is winning against the forces controlling our Federal government. People are beginning to understand that our government has lied to us about this plant for far too long. Schedule 1 was designed to limit it’s research and keep us from the truth. Have you ever wondered who is against the cannabis legalization movement?

If you look at who is spending the money to lobby and control members of our government to maintain the status quo “War on Drugs” it is easy to find the facts. You probably already know that Police Unions and Prison Guard Unions as well as For-Profit Prisons are spending millions to fight reform. They want to secure the steady flow of profits they make from prisoners and civil asset forfeiture money. Alcohol and drug companies spend millions too. They do not want a “drug free America”. They want us to only be able to use their brand of dangerous drugs. They are fighting to not allow Americans to have their right to make a safer choice and use cannabis as humans have safely done for thousands of years. One day, our rights will be restored, but it will not happen without a fight.

Profits might decrease in other industries from petroleum, drug use testing companies, plastics and food industries to name a few, but its hard to prove which industries and constituents the politicians are trying to protect. They do not seem to be primarily interested in protecting our interests (the people) or they would all speak out against the practice of harsh mandatory minimum sentencing, fines and felony convictions which have only served to weaken our citizens, our country and economy.

I’ve also wondered if certain companies actually do not want to find a cure for cancer in cannabis. Cancer treatment is a multi-billion dollar industry. They would lose money when people understand that their medicines are based on poisons, not a plant. People want safer, more effective drugs like the ones found in cannabis. One day, folks will look back on these Prohibition times in the same way that we do when we think of alcohol prohibition – it caused more harm than good. But in this case it is worse. What these groups have done is actually a crime against humanity.

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