Letter To Obama

I am a Registered Nurse calling for the end of the drug war. I am asking to meet with President Obama. Baltimore is my home town and I worked for 26 years at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Over the last several years I have observed the failing health of Baltimore, which has suffered greatly due to the unintended consequences of the war on drugs. The Freddie Gray case is one glaring example of my home towns’ poor health. We are hurting people rather than helping them.

I understand that our president is in favor of moving away from a system of incarceration to deal with the problems that drugs can sometimes cause. I must strongly disagree with the current drug policy which states that the legalization of drugs runs counter to our public health and safety. I believe that we must legalize cannabis at the federal level right away to begin moving our nation toward a public health model.

My values for safety and the welfare of everyone have guided me toward a path of promoting the caring about people, not punishing them. I share your love of this country. If I was not certain that legalizing cannabis would make our people healthier and our nation stronger, I would not be pleading for even a few moments of your time. When we the people control, tax and regulate the sale of cannabis, we will finally have the resources to educate, keep it away from children and give effective treatment to those who need it. We can turn our country toward a positive direction.

I look forward to sharing my ideas on how we can teach people healthy behaviors so that drug use might decrease across the globe. Our future can and will be brighter when we actually create jobs for people instead of creating an unhealthy world of stiff fines, jail sentences and felony convictions that make people under-employable. Productive people who live in safe communities, have meaningful work and a living wage do not suffer the same risks for drug abuse. They can move beyond drugs when we create a healthier world for everyone to live in.

I am asking for ten minutes of your attention. In that brief amount of time, I am hoping that my urgency and sincerity will move you to begin a new way of caring for all people, our families, our country. My book is a call to unite nurses to action. It can be viewed at www.nursecallsforendofdrugwar.com

Anthony M. Walker R.N.


(410) 812-1879

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